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The Future of VESTi

The future of housing

The Future of VESTi

01. MVP - Launch

01. MVP - Launch

VESTi's MVP is designed to showcase our social and financial tools in our mobile app, including

  • Streamlined roommate finding, both by interest and by neighborhood.
  • Validated identity and payment resources.
  • Leasing and property management tools for landlords.
  • Blockchain-enabled recordkeeping as proof of trust and credit.
02. VESTi Stage II

02. VESTi Stage II

Stage II is where the magic starts to happen, and where we plan to showcase the DigiAssets' potential to support superior security and efficiency. 

  • Greater Blockchain integration with DigiAssets.
  • Properties operated entirely on VESTi platform.
  • Prototype blockchain-enabled Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • User-retained financial records and 3rd party uses for VESTi validated identity.
03. VESTi Stage III

03. VESTi Stage III

Full platform functionality.