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VESTi Overview

Who are we?

The housing economy is inefficient to its foundations.  VESTi is here to fix that.

By utilizing the power of DigiByte Blockchain and DigiAssets protocol to improve the function and efficiency of the entire housing process, from finding roommates to managing a rental, to eventually purchasing a property.  VESTi's platform is here to take the middlemen (and the inefficiency) out of the housing market.

What are we building?

VESTi's Stage I mobile app is a great way to find roommates or manage a rental property.  We make rent pay by providing users (landlords and tenants) with a system that validates identity, streamlines leases, and makes it easier to get the best deal. Our app builds a user’s verified identity by leveraging the world's fastest, most secure blockchain – it allows users to track their rental history to improve their credit, and make it easier for landlords to attract and retain quality tenants.

Where are we going?

Stage I is just a start!  VESTi is building a holistic platform for a better housing economy, and we're excited for you to join us.  Demo coming 2019.

Let's find the future of housing together.